Three Swansea Firefighters Graduate From Massachusetts Firefighting Academy

SWANSEA — Chief Eric Hajder is pleased to report that three Swansea firefighters recently graduated from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy (MFA).


Richard Albernaz from Station 1, Bruce Katz from Station 2, and Landon Rowe from Station 4 were among 32 graduating firefighters of Call/Volunteer Recruit Class #111. Graduates received certificates of completion at a ceremony held at Bridgewater State University.


Students receive classroom training in all basic firefighter skills. They practice first under non-fire conditions and then during controlled fire conditions. To graduate, students must demonstrate proficiency in life safety, search and rescue, ladder operations, water supply, pump operation and fire attack. Fire attack operations range from mailbox fires to multiple-floor or multiple-room structural fires.


Graduates have completed 240 hours of training on nights and weekends. Upon successful completion of this program, all students will have met the standards of National Fire Protection Association 1001.


“I am incredibly proud to welcome these three firefighters to our department,” Chief Hajder said. “I look forward to seeing them work alongside our team and I commend their devotion to serving our community.”


“Massachusetts firefighters are on the frontlines protecting their communities every day, and today’s graduates are needed now more than ever,” added State Fire Marshal Jon M. Davine. “The hundreds of hours of foundational training they’ve received will provide them with the physical, mental, and technical skills to perform their jobs effectively and safely.”

About the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy
At the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy, recruits learn a variety of skills on how to respond to all types of hazards and emergencies, including the latest science of fire behavior and suppression tactics from certified fire instructors. Firefighters also receive training in public fire education, hazardous material incident mitigation, flammable liquids, stress management and self-rescue techniques. The intensive program involves classroom instruction, physical fitness training, firefighter skills training, and live firefighting practice.


The graduates of Call/Volunteer Class #111 from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy (Photo Courtesy Massachusetts Firefighting Academy)
Three Swansea Firefighters Graduate From Massachusetts Firefighting Academy